Letter to Families, Students, Staff and Community Members

Dear Parents, Students, Staff Members and Community Members,

Hello, I am honored to be the superintendent of the Caledonia Area Public School system. Having spent nearly my entire life in southeastern Minnesota, I am aware of the strong academic and athletic traditions within the district. I have had the opportunity to meet several people already and look forward to meeting many more in the near future. I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome I have received.

About me:
I grew up in Houston with a family of educators. My mother (Mary) and father (Arley) were both educators and instilled in me the importance of education and hard work. My two brothers are also in education. Brian is the Athletic Director at Rochester John Marshall High School and Bill is the superintendent of the Plainview/Elgin-Millville School District.

My wife Jennifer is the Director of Special Education for the Rochester School District. My wife Jennifer, and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in March of 2019. We have three children. Ben (18) will be attending Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD this fall. We have a set of twins (Katie and Luke age 16) as well who are entering their junior year of high school.

I enjoy hunting (particularly bowhunting for whitetails) and fishing. My previous experiences in education include one year of teaching in the Rush City School District, fourteen years of teaching in the Plainview and Plainview/Elgin-Millville School Districts, and eleven years as the Elementary principal in the Chatfield School District.

I look forward to serving the communities of Caledonia, Eitzen, Freeburg, and Brownsville!

Superintendent Craig Ihrke

Contact: Craig Ihrke