Classroom Rules

Mrs. Link
Basic Classroom Management
1 Must be respectful to other students, teacher, and their property.
2. Must be to class on time and in seat to take attendance. Books, pens, papers, etc. must be brought to class.
3. Must follow directions the first time given.
4. No talking unless called on or otherwise instructed.
5. No put-downs, whining, or offensive comments.

Consequences for above
1. Oral warning an opportunity to “fix” it.
2. Detention: To be served that day, or the following day.
3. If the above offenses are repeat offenses and/or of a severe nature, modifications of consequences will occur.
Rewards: Free reading time, Study time, Other mutually agreed upon rewards.

Serious Offenses
1. Insubordination: Students will be treated with respect, and this same respect is expected to be extended to the teacher. Disrespect in the form of insubordination will result in immediate removal from the classroom. Student will be sent to principal's office.
2. Physical or verbal abuse: The teacher and students will not tolerate any behavior that threatens their safety or ability to learn or to teach. Physical or verbal abuse will result in removal from the classroom. Student will be sent to principal’s office.

Plagiarizing or cheating on a test, quiz, or assignment will result in a zero.

LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (Exceptions: emergencies etc.)
Absences: You are responsible for getting your make-up work completed, which is due the day following your return to class. Any work given before your absence is due the day you return to class.

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