Meet Mr. Koepke

Logan and Jackson
Hi all! I grew up on a farm in the small Northern Minnesota town of Bagley. We did not having running water until I was in 7th grade and didn't get plumbing and hot water til a few years after that. I remember for bath night mom would boil one big pot of hot water on the cook stove and that was all you got. I also remember cold nights when mom would bring a hot brick wrapped in a towel to put under my covers to keep me warm at night. One of my fondest memories was the winter when, due to the cold, we had to keep lambs in our dining room for most of the winter. I grew up doing all the normal farm activities. I shoveled lots of manure, collected chicken eggs, picked rocks, set up square bails, hauled lots of bails, raked hay with the tractor, cut hay, cut wood, milked cows by hand, hauled shocks to the threshing machine, road sheep, butted heads with sheep, got chased by our goat, plowed fields, and many other farm activities.
After high school I went to college at Moorhead State University. One of my work study jobs was working in a day care. I volunteered after work study ran out, and due to my love for kids, decided to become a teacher. I coached B-Team Basketball at Bagley High School 1 year and applied for a job in Caledonia, MN. I've been here ever since.
I met my wife Kadie when she was doing special ed. at the high school. We have two wonderful children Jackson and Logan. We also have two dogs Mia and Gunner. I believe this is my 26th year teaching at Caledonia Area Elementary. I have enjoyed every minute and continue to enjoy it to this day.