Brad Harguth
Agriculture Business Explorations
Course Description: This course of study is designed for students wishing to explore the different occupations and interests areas in the field of agriculture. FFA activities are strongly encouraged in this class.
Ag Construction
Course Description: This course is designed to introduce students to a wide range of skills related to construction. These skills include framing, wiring, siding, concrete, building design, and general safety practices. Students will work together as a class to complete a variety of hands on projects. These projects will be determined based on the needs of the School District and the Community.
Beginning Woods
Course Description: Students will learn basic woodworking concepts/safety in the classroom, and basic wood working skills/techniques/joints in the ship in order to produce a required project. After that students will plan out and make any type of project they want or need (within their skill level), paying only for materials used. Student projects will need to be approved by the instructor. The student will be expected to produce a high quality project with the amount of class time that is available. Students will learn how to safely operate the following machines: the radial arm saw, the jointer, the planer, the table saw, the band saw, the router, the drill press, and the plate jointer. * Lab Fee: this will be based on the cost of the project constructed and the purchase of safety glasses if needed.
Small Engine Technology
This course will involve classroom instruction involving material in the textbook and work book along with a variety of hands on exercises in the Shop. Students are required to complete and turn in all assignments, tests and shop exercises to complete this course.
Agriculture Leadership/COOP Program
Course Description: The FFA Organization is an intra-curricular activity that is part of the Agriculture Education Department. The primary aim is to develop agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. Through participation in FFA activities, above the Chapter level, a student may qualify for .125 credit per quarter up to ½ credit per year towards graduation requirements. These activities may include: Career Development Events (CDE's) at Invitational, Regional, State, and National levels; Developing an approved experienced program or project with proper recordkeeping; Applying for Proficiency awards or the State FFA Degree of Membership. Greenhand camps and Leadership camps also qualify. Instruction and activities for this course will generally occur outside of the normal classroom environment. Many of the educational components for this course are self-directed to fit the individual needs of the enrollee. Every FFA member enrolling in this course will meet with the instructor to set up an educational plan to meet their educational needs. Areas of instruction will also include participation in FFA activities at the Invitational, Chapter, Regional, State and National level. Possible Instruction and Program areas could be: The FFA Organization Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs SAE Recordkeeping FFA Career Development Events Project Development and Exhibits Promotion and Public Relations Leadership Development Parliamentary Procedure Local, Regional, State and National Awards and Applications FFA Proficiency Awards and Applications Organizational Activities and Involvement Other Students will be required to write up their proposed plan of action for this course and have it approved by the instructor. Students will be required to submit a summary of all activities that they have participated in during the quarter enrolled. Students will need to meet with the instructor to discuss established course outcomes. Once a year FFA members enrolled will need to meet with the instructor to evaluate project records.