Hi everyone!

I am a social studies teacher who strives to pass the gift of knowledge onto our youth all while empowering them to be agents for change.

I believe that schools are the public agency that have the greatest likelihood to improve a person’s life. As a result, I am a student-centered teacher who adjusts the curriculum to the needs of every student in my class. I help learners grow by implementing peer-to-peer learning and engaging activities, which I found generates students who want to come to class, learn, and grow as students and individuals.

In my free time, I love golfing, running, hunting, fishing, and just being outside. I also really enjoy attending school events to support my students, so you may catch me at a theater production, robotics competition, sporting event, or anything our Caledonia students enjoy doing. 

Go Warriors!

- Mr. Sobczak 

Contact: Robert Sobczak