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Top 20 Training

Top 20 Training coming to Caledonia on October 25th and we are inviting the parents to come to a parent workshop at 6:30 pm at the Caledonia Area Middle & High School.

The components for Top 20 are as follows:

Top 20 Training offers a simple language that helps people discover critical thinking, learning and communicating skills. The training sessions, provides parents and students greater benefits at a faster rate. When everyone in the family knows this language, the skills become easier to practice and implement into daily life. Top 20 Training helps parents:

  • Find ways to enhance and become a part of their child’s education
  • Obtain a shared working vocabulary of the content to help foster an environment where the concepts can be learned together
  • Communicate more effectively and improve their relationship with their children
  • Develop positive mental habits and reduce negative mental habits in their children.
  • Grow personally and be exposed to emotional intelligence.







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