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All Sport's Student and Parent Meeting Information for the 2019-2020 School Year
Parents of students interested in sports at Caledonia Area Schools:

If you were unable to attend the All Sport's Parent Meeting on July 29th you will need to view the Online Parent Meeting Slide Show Presentation and complete the Online Parent Meeting Assessment.  The assessment goes along with the Online Parent Meeting Slide Show Presentation.  Each question will need to be answered correctly or it will not advance to the next question.  Make sure at the end you click on "Submit" or it will not record your results.  One parent/guardian must have attended the All Sport's Meeting on July 29th or complete the Online Parent Assessment prior to your student being able to participate in the first contest or subsequent contests.  Players should still attend all practices and meetings either way.  
Slide show:  You may need to register with Microsoft to view the slide show.  Make sure your volume is on as it is narrated.  While watching the slide show you will be able to advance the slide or go back to the slide you want to review by clicking on the mouse.
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