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Update on Flexible Learning/E-Learning Days 2019-2020 School Year

Earlier in the school year, I sent a message letting you know that we were working to reduce or eliminate the possibility of having three consecutive Flexible Learning/e-learning days in a row. Below is the plan at which we have arrived.

The first two (2) days of weather or emergency closings in 2019-2020 and thereafter, will be flexible learning/E-Learning days. The third day of emergency cancelation, will be a free day “snow day” for students and a Professional Work Day* for staff.


The fourth, fifth and sixth emergency cancellation days will be Flexible Learning/E-Learning days.

In the event of a 7th and 8th emergency closing, individual teachers will engage in personalized professional development and the students will have free/snow days. Any subsequent cancellations (beyond 8 days) will only be made up if student hours fall under the guidelines outlined in State Statute.

The rationale for this plan is to reduce the potential for having three consecutive e-learning days. While this plan does not eliminate that chance, it does provide all involved with an established plan in the event we experience something similar to what we experienced in the 2018-2019 school year.

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Superintendent Craig Ihrke 

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