2017 Band members preparing to perform at the football game
2017 Band members preparing to perform at the football game

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are gearing up for yet another exciting year at Caledonia Area Public Schools.  Although the 2019-2020 school year didn’t end as anyone anticipated, we are hopeful we will be able to return to in-person classes and go back to a “new normal”.   

I first and foremost want to thank everyone for welcoming us to the community.  It has been a pleasure being the MS/HS principal this last year and I am so excited for the years to come. Caledonia has the perfect small town feel and it is a beautiful area. It feels good to call Caledonia our new home.  This community has such a great sense of pride in their town and truly treat everyone as neighbors. 

My family and I have been exploring many things in the area.  We are frequent visitors at the beautiful Beaver Creek Valley State Park, the restaurants in town, Wired Rooster Coffee Shop, Caledonia Bakery, and have enjoyed visiting Brownsville, Eitzen, and Freeburg.  Our boys, Brooks (3) and Briggs (1), have especially enjoyed feeding the deer apples and going to the many parks in the area.  My wife, Dana, and I have been able to explore nearby towns as well such as Decorah and Lanesboro.  I have also been lucky enough to find a couple spots for potential bow hunting this fall and have been able to get in a couple of miles on my motorcycle. 

Covid-19 has certainly brought many challenges this past year, but I am very fortunate to have an amazing staff to power through with positivity and make the best of all the innovative ways of delivering education to our students.  I know it is not what everyone anticipated, but we certainly thought outside of the box and made the best of it. I want to thank not only my staff and the parents, but also the students.  They have had to tackle many new obstacles this year and they have thrived under these new circumstances.  I am very proud of how they navigated through with such class and persistence.

This year will be about continuing to offer the best education possible amidst the circumstances and keeping student and staff safety at the forefront of all decisions.  It is our goal to prepare students to be responsible, successful and productive citizens.  As we have learned, it certainly takes the community to host a successful school district. You have all stepped up in ways to help us during these unprecedented times and I am thankful to have you all in moving forward with changes this next school year.  Thank you for having the patience and understanding of a “new normal” education experience. 

I would like to introduce and welcome a number of new staff members to the middle/high school: Austin Stalsberg (6th & 7th grade Math), Austin Bauer (HS Math), Ryan Bunting (8th & 9th grade Science), Tristan Jenson (MS/HS Special Education), and Robert Sobczak (HS Social Studies).  I know they will bring great things to Caledonia MS/HS.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or just to say hi!

-Nathan Boler