Welcome to Caledonia Area Elementary!
Our theme for the 2017-2018 school year will be based around Interdependence. In connection to this theme, staff will be pursuing more co-teaching experiences, and students will get to experience more interdisciplinary learning. We will combine our social and emotional learning and support with our academic focus. Teachers will be concentrating on building more relevant assessments and will continue to increase their use of performance tasks. The students at Caledonia Area Elementary are taught how to respect, work, and belong through our focus on the Warrior Way. We celebrate learning, achieving, and growing for all students and staff. Through courageous conversation and memorable experiences, our staff works as a team to support all students. We believe all students should be challenged with relevant learning experiences, so we are constantly reflecting and improving our how we create students who will learn today and lead tomorrow. We know that more collaboration between the home and school improves student achievement, so please contact us to become more involved in your child's learning experience!

Gina Meinertz
Elementary Principal/Curriculum Director

(507) - 725 - 5205  ext. 1002