Visual Arts

Welcome to the Visual Arts home page.

I have been an art instructor for over 20 years now. Sixteen of those years have been spent in the Caledonia Area School District. For many years I delighted in teaching art at the elementary level, but I now enjoy teaching at the high school and middle school levels. I currently live in Spring Grove with my husband and daughter.

CHS/MS offers a comprehensive visual arts curriculum. This means that in each course students will explore the following core areas of visual arts:

Art Production - the making of artistic objects.

Art History - exploring art from a variety of times and culture.

Art Criticism – dissecting art to discover meaning and making educated judgments about artwork.

Aesthetics - defining art and raising questions about beauty and the meaning of art.

Goals of Visual Arts:

To prepare students to enter the world as intelligent, open minded, individuals. Who then can make, buy, view, and experience art as a vital role in their lives and community.

To prepare future artists for college, art school, or technical school by providing a comprehensive program. This program will include a variety of skills, processes and content that is needed to make a smooth transition after high school.

You may keep up to date on student's grade by logging into Powerschool.  If you would like to view current assignments and other information related to class please log into the following Schoology link.  Grades wll be up to date here as well.

Please feel free to explore the links I have included on this site. To contact me you can either email me or call me at (507) 725-3316 extension 3137.

Contact: Julie Costet