Expectations in the Art Room

I. Demonstrate Respect

A. When Mrs. Costet is demonstrating or lecturing you need to pay attention. As a sign of respect you should not be visiting with your classmates, working on other schoolwork, or distracting yourself or others through words or actions.

B. Please respect others by asking for help appropriately. Raise your hand if you do not understand what to do (re-read the directions first). If I am working with another student, please do not interrupt. As soon as I am able I will help you.

C. Your language and actions are expected to be above reproach. Inappropriate language or gestures are not acceptable.

D. Classmates and teachers are to be treated respectfully. Teasing, bullying, verbally or physically threatening others will not be tolerated.

E. Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and every adult who pays taxes have purchase the tools, furniture and materials in this room. You must demonstrate respect for all school property. Destroying or defacing any of the previous will be considered vandalism, and will be treated as such.

II. Work

A. Part of your grade is based on your participation in class. Each day you can earn a total of 10 points. If you are tardy or abuse the rules in a loss of daily points may be the result.

B. Come to class prepared to work. This means having any supplies, tools, or materials that are necessary with you - not in your locker or at home. You will not be able to return to your locker once class has begun.

C. Be prepared to work independently in this class. The nature of a studio class is to receive large group instruction or demonstrations, and then students work independently without disturbing other students.

D. Your art work must be school appropriate. No inappropriate themes will be allowed. If you insist on making art work that is deemed inappropriate for the school setting a referral to the office may be likely and a loss of that day’s points.

E. When you come to class you are expected to work on your assigned work. Art class is not a time for you to do assignments for another class.

III. Other Expectations

A. You will be counted tardy if you are not in the room at the beginning of class. Five points will be deducted for each tardy. If you are tardy ten minutes or more you will also be counted absent. This is school policy.

B.Class dismissal at the is done by Mrs. Costet, not the clock or the bell. Students need to be in their assigned seats and not lined up at the door. All supplies need to be put away in where they belong. Your work area must be cleaned. Failure to do so will result in a loss of that day’s points.

D. Clean-up time generally occurs the last 5-7 minutes of class. The teacher will let you know when it is time to clean up. Stopping work before that time is not acceptable.

E. If you must leave class for whatever reason, you must first speak with Mrs. Costet and have her permission. You must also sign out on the sign out sheet provided, as well as take a pass with you.

F. Taking art supplies from the art room without Mrs. Costet’s permission is considered theft. It will be treated as such.

G. Cell phones, iPad, tablets and other devices of this nature are to be turned off and put away during class. No use of these devices will be allowed unless given direct permission from your instructor. Permission will only be given for assignments directly related to this class. No phone calls or texts will be allowed in the classroom.

IV. Safety Issues

A. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the art room. This is a safety issue as well as a school policy. Bringing food or drink into the
room will not only result in a loss of participation points for that day, but you will also have to dispose of it.

B.Some art materials can be considered weapons if not used appropriately. It is expected that students will use all tools correctly and with safety in mind. Using a tool in any matter that implies a violent act (even as a joke) will result in a referral to the office and notification of parents/guardians.

C. Throwing or any misuse of art supplies (i.e. clay, paint) can be dangerous. This will not be allowed.

D. Fire Drills/Tornado Drills/Lockdowns – In the event of a lockdown fire or tornado drill, students will stay in the assigned area. Attendance will be taken.

Severe Clause:

The following behavior may result in an immediate referral to the office is listed below. The student’s parents/guardians will be notified, either by the instructor or the office.

1.Words or actions that stops teaching and/or learning.
2.Physically or verbally threatening students or teachers.

All other infractions of class rules will follow the sequence below:

1.First infraction – The student and teacher will come up with a plan for improvement.
2.Second infraction – Parents/guardians of the student will be notified of the infraction.
3.Third infraction – The student will be referred to the office. There will be a conference if needed.

Contact: Julie Costet