The school food service program will again be serving a nutritious breakfast and noon lunch on the first day of school. Breakfast will be served at the elementary and middle/high school buildings. A closed noon lunch period will again be followed wherein students are not to leave the school grounds.

With current national attention being focused on children’s health and wellness issues, Caledonia School District’s Food Service Department is excited to provide parents the ability to view your child’s account balance through a web site called This service also provides a convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child’s school meal account at any time. By having money in each child’s account prior to entering the cafeteria, we find the lunch lines move along much faster so your child has more time to eat and be with friends. Also, parents will have the ability to print out a copy of their child’s eating history report. This history report will show you all dates and times that your child has purchased a breakfast and or lunch within the past thirty days.

However, if you choose not to take advantage of the online prepayment service you may continue to make advance payments via check as you have in the past, but we encourage parents to set this up so you can view your child’s account balances throughout the school year. Once you have your child’s account set up, you can select an option to have an email be sent to you alerting you that your child’s lunch account is getting low.

You may be eligible for free and reduced breakfast and lunch costs. You can download the
Application for Educational Benefits form, complete it, and return it to Barb Meyer in the School District Office. If you have questions, please call her at 725-3389. Complete this form as soon as possible so that the application may be processed and notification sent before the first day of school.

This application is kept in the strictest confidence. Other federal and state programs are funded bases on this application. You can always reject the benefits if you so choose, but please fill out the form so that other funding is not jeopardized.

E-checks will no longer be accepted by My School Bucks for deposits into lunch accounts.  You can still use debit and credit cards.  If you choose to pay by check, you will need to send the check to school for deposit into your student's lunch account.

Contact: Rachel Stackhouse