"Beyond-the-Bell/CMS" AfterSchool Program
"Beyond-the-Bell/CMS" is an afterschool program that began in 1997 after finding a need to assist middle school students in organizational and study skills, homework completion and social interaction. This is an intervention/prevention state funded program which has three components: academic support, enhanced programming and social/emotional activities.

“Beyond-the-Bell/CMS” schedule is as follows:

Mondays: 3:05-4:05 (homework/skills help only)
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:05-5:05 p.m. (homework/skills & activity)

Snacks are available for .50 cents to students and the vending machines are open during Snack Time: 4:15-4:30. Students are encouraged to bring a snack from home, such as microwaveable popcorn (we will pop it for them), peanut butter sandwich, etc.

Calendars will be sent home with the students on a monthly basis. Transportation will NOT be provided this year.