At Caledonia Public Schools we believe each level of staff must take an interest in school health and safety. All employees must follow safe working practices, obey rules and regulations, and work in a way that maintains the high standards set forth by school, state and federal safety programs.
Federal and state OSHA standards require that employees receive Bloodborne Pathogen, Mandatory Reporting, Employee Right to Know and Civil Rights training. In order to comply with these requirements and to provide you with important information regarding your job, we have provided you with four required online training sessions.
Bloodborne Pathogen training is required for staff as we all have risk of occupational exposure to blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM’s); Mandatory Reporting training is a mandatory training as we are all mandated reporters; Civil Rights training; and Employee Right to Know training is required for staff who have a risk of occupational exposure to hazardous chemicals.
All four of these mandatory trainings are located on the left.   Upon completion of the Bloodborne Pathogen and the Employee Right To Know, please click on the “required quiz link” (located on the last slide of each training); complete the quiz; enter initials and click “done”. Please be sure to complete the required quiz as this is how the district will track your participation.  We will track the Mandated Reporting and Civil Rights trainings by asking each staff member to sign off on the paperwork located in the building office. 


Contact: Craig Ihrke