Football Families,

The return of football is allowing for 250 spectators at each game.  Each school will be allowed 125 spectators.  This will present a challenge for us in offering passes, but our primary goal is to offer passes to parents first.  

Caledonia plans to sell three passes to each football player in grades 10-12.  Players may choose to purchase one or all three.  These passes will go on sale:

  1. PLAYERS ONLY: Thursday 10/1 and Friday 10/2 during school hours for players in the “Gold” Hybrid group.  

  2. PLAYERS ONLY: Monday 10/5 and Tuesday 10/6 during school hours for players in the  “Black” Hybrid group.  

  3. PARENTS OF PLAYERS: Tuesday 10/6 between the hours of 4:00-6:00 for parents of players who do not want to send payment with their players.  This will occur at the front door of the high school on Tuesday.

  4. Any remaining passes will go on sale with a date TBD.

District Pass procedure is as follows:

1. Pases will be sold at a cost of $36 each.  (Players will be offered 3)

2. Pases will be sold from the Activities Office.  See the above list of selling dates.

3. Each pass will have 6 punches (one for each game).  No carry overs if you do not use it for the game designated.

4.  The same pass will be used for Home and Away games.

5.  Passes are non-refundable.

6.  Passes can be shared.  If you are not able to attend a game, you can loan your pass to someone. 

7.  If your pass is lost there will be no additional passes made as we are required to keep our number of passes at 125.

8.  There will be no ticket sales at the games.

9.  When entering the gate (parking lot in Caledonia) you will have your card punched for admittance.  Every individual in the vehicle will need a pass to be admitted to the parking lot.

10. This procedure is being followed by all schools in the Southeast District.  Football does not schedule as a Conference but rather as Districts.


Head Coach
Carl Fruechte

Assistant Coach
Brent Schroeder

Assistant Coach
Mitch Mullins

Assistant Coach
Brad King

9th Grade Coach
Ryan Pitts

8th Grade Coach
Zach Hauser

7th Grade Coach
Jimmy Westland

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