Elementary Motto:

"Be the Sunshine!”

This is the motto of our elementary school this year. As we continue throughout our school year, we will strive to be the light for our students and peers, to inspire one another, and bring a positive attitude towards all of the everyday challenges we face to encourage our students to do the same.

The focus will be to promote emotional, physical, and social health throughout the school year. Students today, more than ever, have stresses and challenges that they encounter such as emphasis on standardized testing, exposure to media, heightened safety issues, social media influences, adverse childhood experiences, and bullying, as well as Covid 19. Giving students the skills to navigate the stresses and challenges in life will help to develop coping skills and to build resilience. As a result, students will be better able to focus on academics and become engaged in their learning.

It's true that it takes a village to raise a child, and of course parents are certainly instrumental in fostering a love of learning. We will partner with parents and community to support each other in making this the best year possible for our world’s most valuable resource: our children.