My name is Cyndi Welscher and I am the elementary DCD (developmental cognitive disability) teacher. I also serve students in other disability areas including autism, OHD (other health disability), and visually impaired. I have been a special education teacher here since the fall of 1999 and was an educational assistant before that for 5 years in the Caledonia School District. I completed my bachelors degree at Winona State University and my masters degree at St. Mary's University.

Some of the areas I teach are language arts (reading, spelling, and writing skills), math, communication skills, and social skills. One augmentative communication device and a variety of assisted technology devices are utilized in my classroom daily.

Two wonderful personal care assistants work with students in their regular education classrooms. Mrs. Dahlberg and Mrs. Studenski are integral parts of our school. Our speech/language pathologist, Alyssa Stecker, and our (DAPE) developmental adaptive physical education teacher, Mrs. Meisch, are key players in our program as well. Many consultants through HVED (Hiawatha Valley Education District) work with me and my students on a regular basis. They include an assistive technology consultant, an autism consultant, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and a teacher for the blind and visually impaired.

Our classroom is equipped with a full bathroom (with changing table), a complete kitchen, and we utilize a second classroom as a sensory room and testing area. Students utilize the computer and iPad in our classroom for educational apps, programs, and websites.

You can contact me by phone (725-5205) or e-mail ( ) . Visitors are always welcome in our classroom.

Contact: Cyndi Welscher