Kindergarten is very exciting with lots of different learning opportunities. Students in my class will have lots of fun learning Math, Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, Spelling, Science, and Art. Each day will be a new learning opportunity.

Students will have a take-home folder everyday. Please check this for special notes, homework, etc. Students will be asked to do reading at home each day. There may be a few other learning activities as needed. If your child has different afterschool arrangements like taking the bus home, walking to daycare, or going somewhere else, please send a note in your child's folder or email me.

Outside of the school days, I love spending time with my husband, Brent, and my two sons, Joshua and Cashton, and my daughter, McKenna.

I believe that Students + Parents + Teachers = SUCCESS! Please feel free to email me @ or call 507-725-5205

Enjoy Kindergarten!