My name is Mrs. Nancy Mullins and this is my 29th year as a teacher in Caledonia. I am married to Mitch Mullins, the other 4th grade teacher, and we have 2 daughters. Molly lives in Indiana and works for the NCAA. Maddy lives in the CIties and is in marketing.


4th grade is very exciting!! We will be very busy this year learning many new things. Having 1:1 ipads is a favorite for many 4th graders. Learning new organization strategies is a key to 4th grade success. Your day will be structured into 2 blocks. A STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) block with Mr. Mullins and a Humanities block with me (ELA~english language arts and social studies).


Your 4th grade year will go very fast! You'll love it! I promise!