The Caledonia Area Public School's School-wide Reading/Math Intervention Program will focus on reading and or math skills at the kindergarten through fifth grade levels. Intervention services will also be provided at St. John's and St. Mary's.

Eligible students have the opportunity to receive extra support. Children are identified by recommendation of the classroom teacher, NWEA or MCA assessments, and FASTBridge scores. Students may enter and exit the program as needed throughout the school year. This is not a replacement or special education program.

Our Title program allows for flexible groupings. Small groups of students will work on similar skills based off of their IRLA (Independent Reading Level Assessment) levels and current math needs. Some students may require a more intensive approach which would allow them some extra time with the intervention staff. The ultimate goal of the Intervention Program is for each child to attain the skills necessary to function at grade level.

St. Mary's and St. John's School services will be provided by myself, Mrs. Trina Scanlan and Caledonia Area Elementary School services will be provided by Mrs. Leslee Oakes, myself(Reading) and Miss. Lindsey Meyer (Math).

We are also very fortunate to have 2 ReadingCorps Tutors. Kaitlin Longhause and Jake Pallen will be working with students in grades K-3 to help support reading skills.

If you have any questions regarding interventions, please contact me at 507-725-5205.