May 10th-May 14th
Congratulations to this week's Elementary Warrior Wow students!

Elling Engen
Elling has shown kindness in our classroom. If someone needs help, he is there. If someone is hurt, he asks if they are okay. Way to go, Elling! As I always say, if you can be anything, be kind. Keep it up!

Jenessa Riederer
For being kind to Surround Care preschoolers and helping and teaching them how to feed the fish in the library. She took on a babysitting/big sister role.

Max Gengler
Max has worked very hard in 4th grade. He comes to school ready to learn and always gives his very best.


March 29th-April 2nd
Congratulations to this week's Elementary Warrior Wow students!

Cooper Allen
Cooper found money in a baggy on the floor of the book fair. He turned it in to staff. The owner of the money came back to the book fair days later and was very happy Cooper turned it in.

Cabe Kronebusch
Cabe always works hard and always puts his best effort in. He is a great friend and will stop what he is doing to help others out. He has great leadership skills in the classroom and when working with younger students.

Jenna Westland
Jenna is a bright, creative 2nd grader who is always positive, encouraging, and respectful. She has a wonderful sense of humor! Jenna is continually trying to improve our school climate as she is always thinking of ideas to bring to the student council.


March 15th-19th
Congratulations to this week's Elementary Warrior Wow students!

Addison Meldahl
Addison is kind and caring to everyone. She works hard in school and always gives her best effort. Way to go Addison!

Kinley Klug
Kinley has shown great leadership in our 4th-grade classroom both in her academics and character! She is a hard worker, kind, and respectful to everyone, and a great helper!

Aubree Nutt
Aubree is a very genuine person. She is a friend to everyone she meets. I appreciate her consistent effort and smiling face.


March 1st-5th
Congratulations to this week's Elementary Warrior Wow students!

Nyah Rommes
I nominated Nyah for her effort in improving as a student in Caledonia Area Elementary School. She shows great effort in both the classroom and outside the classroom. Great job, Nyah!

Leon Palmer
He congratulated a winning team while competing in a Valentine Escape Room. He was very happy for them.

Levi Schroeder
Levi is a very responsible 3rd grader. He is respectful and friendly to students and staff.


February 15th-19th
Congratulations to this week's Elementary Warrior Wow students!

Landon Doering
Landon is a great young man to have in the classroom. We look forward to him coming into the classroom and giving his best every day.

Weston Schuldt
He is always smiling and friendly to everyone and has a positive attitude.

Jordan King
Jordy is very hardworking, dependable, and positive. She encourages and helps her classmates every day. She is very thoughtful and respectful.


February 8th-12th
Congratulations to this week's Elementary Warrior Wow students!

Thatcher Stemper
Thatcher is always kind to others and treats his friends and adults with respect at our school, along with working hard on his reading and math. Keep up the great work!

Elin Blum
Elin showed kindness when she willingly gave up her "fancy stool" in art class, and let a classmate sit on the fancy chair instead. I am very proud of you, Elin!

Chloe Kruse
Chloe comes to school every day ready to give her very best. She works hard, treats everyone with kindness and respect, and finds the good in every person and situation.